Cars with turbochargers of inter-cooled in and out of the structure and technology of gas hose​
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With turbocharger car engine air inlet and vent inter-cooled system, generally by the air filter, turbocharger, inter-cooled device and its connection artifacts such as pipeline, pipeline road must use rubber hose with steel or rubber hose and blowing tube or direct blow molding with corrugated pipe connections, with the help of a rubber or blow molding with corrugated pipe, good flexibility and damping can be convenient piping layout and assembly, and can significantly improve the ability of its pipelines system buffer vibration. Fresh air through the air cleaner filter and the turbocharger after pressurization, medium by the compressed gas will be a significant temperature rise, the temperature will reach between 150 ℃ ~ 200 ℃, but for high pressure ratio of the engine, the gas temperature can exceed 200 ℃, 275 ℃ even more. Gas medium by the cold and fall below 60 ℃ after cooling, thus improve the density of the fresh air, the engine can take in more air, and can more fuel injection, promote burn more fully, to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, improve engine power.
With the development of auto industry and the increasingly stringent environmental requirements, the car engine using medium and oil and alcohol burning gas in the environment through the crankcase ventilation tube into the whole engine system. Although engine generally adopted separation technology of oil and gas, oil and gas separator is divided into second class, class is open type structure, another kind is closed structure, open structure refers to the unseparated oil and gas is discharged directly, no longer to enter the air intake system, and the structure of the closed unseparated no direct discharge of oil and gas, need to loop into the air intake system, such as geely FE - 3/4 models used in 1.3 T turbo engine used in the closed oil and gas separation technology, namely the crankcase system to produce the oil and gas and then through the air by the oil and gas separator filter vent hose into the engine air intake system. Have different oil and gas separator separation technique, separation effect is not the same, the domestic oil and gas separator separation effect is good only can reach 50%, abroad such as Bosch, produce oil and gas separator separation effect can reach 80%, the highest is 20% ~ 50% oil gas will be recycled into the air intake system, the direct emissions to avoid most of the oil and gas and pollute the environment.
Because of turbocharger vent hose is knowing the inlet hose in the device is in use process temperature as high as 150 ℃ ~ 275 ℃, how to ensure inter-cooled apparatus in and out of the gas system with a rubber hose will have early swelling due to the high temperature oil and gas, tube, after high temperature aging and low temperature flexibility pipe caused by low quality problems, such as untight seal air leakage, and thus affect the normal operation of the vehicle, is an issue worthy of research and analysis.