The spiral plate heat exchanger in the application of the condenser​
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As the refrigerator compressor structure, size, speed and refrigerant, is determined, can change the unit operating condition To evaporation temperature, and the condensation temperature Tk. However, is condensing temperature, which affect the energy consumption of Tk. When the inlet temperature of cooling water must be condensation temperature Tk is determined by the cold, condenser end temperature difference. The following R22, for example, comparing the theory of power saving effect of different condensing temperature.
Evaporation and condensation, the gas and liquid is saturated. , evaporation temperature is 2 ℃, and the corresponding saturated pressure Po, 530 · 8 kpa, R22 as heat index k = 1.16., hot compress, the theory of electric power W available under type, calculation [4-5] :
Type: W to do thermal compression theory power (kW); K for all hot, index; Po for evaporating pressure (kPa); Vo for compressor theory, volume (m3 / h); Pk for condensing pressure (kPa).
Table 1 the results calculated by type (1).
From table 1 can be seen, the condenser end temperature difference is smaller, the theory of electric power, consumption.
The above analysis was conducted under the condition of not too cold, because of, high heat transfer efficiency of the spiral plate heat exchanger, the cold end temperature, small end, super-cooling degree is conducive to progress. For the same refrigeration unit, the greater the degree of supercooling before throttling, dryness after the throttle is small, the unit of circulation, refrigerating capacity is big, the refrigeration coefficient would be increased.